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About us
Company structure

We have been doing business successfully in the graphic and converter paper sector since 1929. In following the continual developments of the changing market and the technological advances in the sector, the company has come to specialize in lithographed, die cut and glued packing in corrugated cardboard, for items destined for the mass market for consumers, using highly automated packaging machines, as well as the advertising market, including the realization of direct marketing materials, such as printed and foldable promotional materials.

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our personnel, we offer our customers complete consulting services, from the initial design stage all the way through the graphic production process, ensuring high quality results for each project.

Dedication, professionalism, experience and advanced technology are thus the keywords explaining the success of a company such as La Litografica F. Fornaroli, a success best evidenced by the numerous and distinguished clientele that has continued to do business with us over the years.